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How to Fix Referral Spam Traffic from (Poland) in GA4 Analytics

Increasing Referral Spam Traffic from (Poland) in GA4 Analytics

Are you finding the details about Fake Visitor SPAM from ", Spam Traffic Issues - News Grets Store? Referral traffic from many unknown Polish domains may have surprised you. You may have noticed a spike in Polish traffic in Google Analytics and assumed it was due to your excellent SEO campaigns. Unfortunately, it's wrong. We understand your frustration that your site's popularity took time to happen. The rise in referral google analytics spam traffic has devastated many website owners. The GA4 analytics traffic spike is due to Polish spam. This overview explains the Referral Spam from (Poland).

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Google Analytics 4: Fix Referral Spam Traffic Spikes

A comprehensive tutorial on how to stop spam traffic to my website is available here: 

1. Refusing the Introduction

Enter Your GA4 Account Details: Go to the appropriate GA4 property after logging into your Google Analytics account. 

Locate Referrals That May Cause Issues: Access "Traffic Acquisition" from "Report Acquisition." For "" referrals, switch the main dimension to "Session Source/Medium." 

Manage Account Preferences: Go to your GA4 property's administrative settings by clicking the "Admin" button. 

Choose the Data Streams: Select "Data Streams" from the admin menu to access and manage your website's data stream. You might be dealing with numerous data streams. 

Adjust the Tag Parameters: Press "Configure Tag Settings" next to the data stream you wish to work with. 

Adjust the Parameters: You can access more configuration options by clicking the "Show More" button. 

Keep Track of Unwanted Referrals: Choose "List Unwanted Referrals" from the drop-down menu to isolate specific referral sources. 

Domains for Referrals: Select "Referral Domain Contains" from the "Domain" drop-down. Next, add the offending referral domains, such as "," one by one. 

Mark as Modified: To prevent the unwanted referral domains from impacting your analytics data, click "Save" after adding them. 


2. Stopping Access to the Malicious Website via Its IP Address

Define Internal Traffic: To block IP addresses linked to malicious websites in GA4, go to "Define Internal Traffic" in the settings. 

Make a Novel Regulation: To add a new rule that will block IP addresses, click the "Create" button. 

Justify Your Rule: Consider the name of your rule; for example, "Poland Spam Traffic." 

Matching IP Addresses: Pick "IP Address Equals" from the menu that appears to be able to pinpoint specific IP addresses. 

Compile IP Addresses: Please input the IP addresses linked to the spam traffic individually. 

Guidelines for Saving: To save the rule and prevent access from the specified IP addresses, click "Create" after adding them. 

Leaving the System: Close the Google Tag Pane, and you'll return to the main settings. 

Final Thoughts on the Webcast: To finish setting everything up, close the Web Stream Details section.

Filters for Access Data: The "Data Filters" link is on the left side of the page; click it to manage the data filters for your GA4 property. 

Choose the Acquiring Filter: For the filter you made, choose "Testing" under the "Current State" column. 

Turn on the Filter: To apply the filter to your GA4 data, click the "Active" field. 

Mark as Modified: After activating the filter and applying the IP address blocking, click "Save" to finish. 


GA4 Rising Referral Spam Traffic from the is annoying but manageable. Review and update referral spam defences to stay ahead of evolving digital threats. Hopefully, this guide from Creation Infoways about Traffic from Warsaw, Poland, can help you.

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