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Custom Mobile Application

According to the latest reports, custom mobile apps are in vogue globally. Apart from that, custom mobile apps have saved more than 7.5 hours per employee per week, and 82% of the business owners have got more leads in business by using it.

Custom mobile apps are the best suitable to meet your business needs. These apps can get a particular audience rather than catering to different services with varying requirements. It has been the most significant reason a custom mobile app development has gained popularity among customers. Customers can get several advantages by choosing a mobile application development. Here are the best advantages of your mobile application development with Creation Infoways for your business.

Get Strategic Mobile App Marketing Services

  • Educational Applications


    Through high-quality content and engaging campaigns on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, We help you to carve out a niche for yourself in the crowded place of education.

  • Business Applications


    We help you in converting new leads, creating custom reports, and delivering better results to clients when you have. We improve your ranking and generate more business.

  • M-Commerce Application


    Through M-commerce strategies your customers can use mobile devices to complete online transactions. It can be useful for your marketing strategy and to interact with potential customers.

  • Lifestyle Application


    To make the most of your lifestyle marketing, we embrace the visual, branded element of storytelling. We know the lifestyle you want to promote, but now your assets need to align with and drive home that message.

  • Entertainment Application


    Entertainment marketing strategies include brand partnerships, celebrity endorsements, and product placement. And we know the ingredients to successful digital marketing campaigns in the entertainment industry.

  • Productivity Application


    We have drawn up a list of the best productivity management software that covers numerous benefits from consolidate team communication and collaboration to document creation, password security and many more.

Why choose us

Get the best efficiency

Creation Infoways provides the custom-built and the best service according to your business requirements. The function of our mobile app development is also as a comprehensive app that performs diverse functions. It also cuts off the requirement of multiple apps. Also, these are the tailored app services to enhance productivity and gain more ROI for your business.

Best features and scalability

Regular apps developed by us can maintain a minimum number of resources and process limited data. If you want to get a flourishing business, you must not choose the regular apps as these come with a limited capacity for data management. Our custom made apps are the best to choose to handle a large amount of data and can scale up according to your services and requirements.

Provides better security

You can not get specialized security features with conventional business apps. If you choose the conventional apps for your business, it can be a risk for your and your customers' data. On the other hand, you can choose a custom app developed with Creation Infoways only for business purposes, you can get the best data security system.

Suitable for your existing software

General business apps are often not able to work with your existing software. On the other hand, Creation Infoways develop custom mobile apps according to the latest business software and can provide the best functioning for your system.

Better maintenance services

You can easily continue your business operations with the existing or regular business apps. However, there are more chances to be at risk of losing your old data if the developer discontinues the app for several reasons. If you choose to opt for your custom business app with us, you can get the full authority to control the app and the data. You can also be safer with the data saved in the app.

More engaging customer relationship

Creation Infoways, as a leading mobile application development company, can provide customized business apps for sending personalized updates to your potential buyers. The latest updates and discounts on your products and services will help your business to find more potential customers. Additionally, you can also access your client's details and receive feedback from your clients. It can improve your long-term relationship with your customers and get their trust in your products and services.

Retrieve the latest clients' data

We, as an ios app development company can also improve your custom mobile application by implementing simple forms and surveys with android app development. Moreover, you can also get the required client information from the apps. You can also save more time for your clients and employees with no need for any documentation for online purchases.

Get more access to real-time projects

If you choose our mobile application development services, you can get the easiest access to your necessary documents for better services to your clients. If you choose our customized app or an ios app development, you can also get the easiest access to your documents, calendars, important tasks, schedules etc. Also, you can share retrieving brochures and contracts with your clients by choosing custom business apps.

So, custom android application development can provide several advantages to your business. You can also get connected to our experts to know more of the advantages of a custom mobile application development with us.


  • 1. What is the difference between the Mobile App and the Mobile Website?

    Mobile Apps are native Apps that can be installed and downloaded on your compatible mobile device, while the Mobile Website is a web portal that runs directly in the mobile browser on your mobile device. Both the native Apps and the Mobile Website allow you to access your account information, view report an outage, news releases and many more from your mobile device.

  • 2. Is the Mobile App secure?

    Yes it is. All the information is encrypted and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. However, mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your login information for apps installed on the device. If you choose to store your login information, any person who has access to your mobile device can access your account.

  • 3. What all features does the Mobile App have?

    Both the Mobile Web App and Mobile Apps give you the ability to you to access your view news releases, account information, report an outage, and contact us via email or phone. Once you have installed a Mobile App on your phone, you will also have the ability to view a map of our offices and payment locations.

  • 4. How do Push Alerts work?

    Push alerts are notifications which are sent to users of your app. You may send Push alerts directly through your Dashboard. There is no limit on the number of alerts you send.

  • 5. What is the cost of building a mobile application?

    There is no fixed cost of building a mobile app. The app development cost depends on many factors including functionality, purpose, features, use of visuals, development hours, team strength, etc.

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