Facebook Marketing Services

When it comes to a social media marketing campaign, you have to start with Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. The customer base that you can find there is huge and priceless. That’s why at Creation Infoways, we put together a special team that deals with Facebook marketing.

Facebook gives your business an opportunity to connect with your target audience and give it the exact information you wish it to acquire. However, singling out your potential clients and making them notice you is a skill to be mastered. At Creation Infoways, we pride ourselves on knowing Facebook inside and out. Thanks to our broad experience, we can help you plan and implement a solid Facebook marketing campaign in a matter of hours. If you are ready to make the social media work for you, you can take advantage of our professional approach.

This is what we do:

Single Out the Target Audience

Finding your target audience on Facebook can take a long time. Thanks to the formidable size of our team, we can do it fast. We will single out your perfect audience and evaluate the approximate marketing campaign costs.


Our advertising team is ready to create attractive content to get your target audience where you want it to be. Images and text we use for our ads are specifically designed to generate traffic.

Facebook Marketing Services


Using a wide variety of tools, including Facebook Insights and GA, we analyze the progress of our marketing campaign and make the necessary changes. Each week or month, we use this analysis to create comprehensive reports for our clients.

By taking advantage of our Facebook marketing services, you are staying one step ahead of the competition and allowing your business to generate extra profits.

Google Analytics E-commerce Sales Report
Month Users Spent Orders Revenue
Aug 16,301 $3,553.58 66 $3,887.16
Sept 28,915 $5,720.93 439 $31,110.16
Oct 114,917 $23,097.94 1,772 $119,632.86
Nov 121,246 $34,983.26 2,276 $151,552.79
Facebook Marketing Services
Facebook Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing
Facebook Marketing Services

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Facebook Marketing Services

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Facebook Marketing Services

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