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Some key differences between on page seo and off page seo

Nowadays, the Internet has become a very important source of knowing and sharing information. Businesses have shifted from Traditional Marketing methods to Digital Marketing methods such as Social Media marketing, PPC, SEO etc. for promoting their products or services. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Digital Marketing technique that is used to generate more traffic on a website. Basically, it is a set of rules that is used so as to improve search engine rankings of a website.

SEO has two techniques to improve the ratings of any website and they are On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. It always has been a topic of debate that which of the one is better and beneficial but the truth is that both are equally important for the success of an online business. The similarity between the two is that On Page SEO and Of Page SEO both are the two activities which help a website get found by search engines when someone searches for specific keywords or phrases related to your website. Furthermore, the two are briefly explained below so as to give a clearer understanding of their differences.

On Page SEO or On-Site SEO is what one does on his own website/blog that is writing the content, changing the titles, adding images etc. so as to improve its search engine rankings. In order to maintain and improve its ranking, a website requires constant modifications. Thus in this technique, one uses certain keywords or phrases that a user might type into the search engine and eventually end up exploring the website.
The major emphasis is given to the keywords and phrases that are used in important places such as headings, domain names, page titles etc. Also, the written content on the website must be relevant and interesting so that it proves to be beneficial for the user and in turn, improves the website's ranking.

Off Page SEO basically, focuses on all the external factors that influence how a web page or a website ranks in search results. It is done to market a person's website/blog. With the help of other web pages, rankings of the website are improved. It is an ongoing process that needs regular updates and new links so that ultimately the website is given priority by search engines. Off Page SEO is a combination of three things that is Social Media, Social Bookmarking and Link Building and its main aim is to increase the traffic of one's website.
Different platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google + etc are used to promote the website in Off Page SEO. In simple words, it is all about online reputation. With the right techniques, a website's ranking can be improved, thus further helping in the growth of the business.


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