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Instagram - a Twist in the Marketing of a Business

Today, we all are occupied with the world of technology and internet. The internet has come with numerous advantages and has rapidly led to the growth of economy. Internet is used in every field today make the operation smooth and successfully. The corporate sector has reached to the grand heights with the help of the internet marketing. Internet has come along with innumerable social networking apps which render excellent support in the development of the business. Facebook, twitter, WeChat, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. are some majorly used social networking apps which boost the performance of the business in a short span of time.

The benefits provided by social media have no limits. A social media business can flourish and maintain its reputation more accurately as compared to a non-social media business. Social Media Optimization (SMO) gives a big helping hand in spreading the business to a wide extent by increasing the traffic on the website of a company. With the help of Social Media Optimzation, a company becomes more visible and appears on the top of the search engine.

Instagram is one of the widely used networking app and is a vital part of social media. Instagram was launched uniquely for sharing photos, videos and sending and receiving direct messages (DM). But today, it is used by approximately 400 million users with 80 million posts every day. The growth of Instagram keeps on increasing by 93% every month. Instagram is that single platform where one can show the casual insights of the business.

Instagram is used extensively due to the superior uses provided by it to the business. The question arises how to utilise this app for more benefits.

How to use Instagram for the Business?
• Setting a separate business account.
• Creating an attractive profile.
• Representing the work in creative manner.
• Displaying behind-the-scenes of the business.
• Using Hashtags to widen the reach and becoming easily visible.
• Including links to make the profile strong and for the increment of traffic.
• Updating interesting and ey-catching posts to hook maximum followers.
• Promoting the products with professional creativity.

By all these means, one can make the business popular and productive with the use of Instagram app for long-term benefit. The use and impact of Instagram will never fade and will take the business to a remarkable position.


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