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What Is Adwords and How It Works?

It's no joke to run an online company, especially when you have to compete with giants like Amazon with an endless marketing budget that fuels their ads. The race to hit the first Google search results page is intensely competitive. Trying to reach the first page can easily take months or even a year, even with great SEO.


This is where it comes in for paying ads (PPC). Google AdWords is an advertisement service from Google that enables companies to view their advertisements on the search results pages of Google. In general, advertisements appear at the top or bottom of a Google SERP (search engine result pages).


Google AdWords is an online pay-per-click advertisement platform that enables advertisers to view their ads on the results page of Google's search engine. Companies pay to have their ads ranked at the top of the search results page, depending on the keywords that they choose to advertise. You just have to pay when a visitor clicks your ad, as the site runs on pay-per-click (PPC) ads.


The marketplaces in Google AdWords function like an auction where people bid for clicks. It's not necessary, however, that the highest bid wins. In addition to income, Google also considers the quality score to ensure the best possible experience for individuals clicking on the ads.


Google AdWords is one of the largest channels for online ads that helps companies reach consumers around the world and develop their business. Advertisers pay Google to target users via this pay-per-click network based on their keyword search, country and type of device, and deliver their advertisements to users who are interested in their goods or services.

What are networks for Google Ad?

Google AdWords helps organisations on two major networks, the search and the display network, to reach customers.

Advertisers are bidding on the appropriate keywords on the search network. This allows users who type such keywords into Google as part of a search query to view their ads. The paying search results are usually illustrated with a small ad icon next to them at the top and bottom of the page.

On the other hand, the display network provides marketers the ability to display their banner advertising on websites that are part of the Google network.


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What's the ad ranking?

The Google AdWords system is primarily a live auction where marketers place a 'deal' to secure a specific ad spot in the AdWords system. The advertiser either gets the desired position or is aligned with a lower position, depending on the rivalry and price provided by other advertisers.

Your actual ad location, however, is calculated by two variables, multiplied by your quality score for your maximum bid.

Although the maximum bid is how much you're willing to pay when viewers click on your ad, the rating score refers to how well your ad is optimised, the landing page quality, the anticipated click-through rate, and the searchers' importance of your ad. The better the rank of your ad, the higher the Google search results would show your ad.

Google also rewards high-quality advertising and well-performing AdWords campaigns with discounted per-click prices, higher ad ranking positions, and is more likely to appear above organic listings in the top placement.


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Advantages of Google AdWords 

When it comes to selling online, Google AdWords is a strong tool. What makes it so terrific? Some of the benefits companies receive on Google's paid marketing platform are below.


1. Tracking Performance

Google AdWords enables companies to monitor their ads' success. This means that the number of users that view and click your ad can be  monitored. After visiting your website, Adwords also helps you to monitor the number of users taking the desired action.


2. PPC Planning

Advertising with Pay Per Click is a strong method, but only when it is used smartly. You must find out your priorities before you can get into the process of creating your AdWords account. Although "more sales" might sound like a great target, it will require you to be more precise about online ads. For a company to use AdWords, there could be a range of goals. Such as the following:


1. Sales generation

2. registrations

3. Sign-Ups by Email

4.  Lead generation

5. Improving understanding of the brand and recall value


3. Landing page

A landing page is a URL or a web page on which, when you click on your ad, a user "lands". A landing page is a standalone page designed to concentrate on a particular purpose, distinct from the main website. For the success of your AdWords campaign, a great landing page is important. To turn visitors into leads, or even customers, a well crafted and configured landing page can help.

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Do Google Ads really Work?

For all kinds of companies, big and small, Google Advertising will work. It's an inexpensive type of advertisement that, when correctly handled, can reach eligible, in-market prospects.


1. Knowing the ins and outs of paid search, bidding tactics, keyword analysis, account layout, etc. is the secret to making Google Advertising work for you.

2. Map out what you will spend on each campaign, set your regular budget and keep track of the spending accordingly.

3. To get more important clicks, do your keyword research and bid on the term and exact keywords at higher bids.

4. Make sure they are important and appealing enough for the user to click when making advertisements.

5. Optimize the landing pages and try out page combinations by running A/B checks.

6. Try to improve your brand by remarketing.


If you are still wondering if Google AdWords is worth the cash, if your campaigns produce inexpensive and successful sales, it is best to start tiny, change based on results, and double down.


When it comes to attracting new clients for small companies, Google AdWords is an incredibly effective tool. The platform will, however, cost you real advertising money if not used smartly, without bringing in a respectable ROI.


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