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What Are the Benefits of SEO?

The owners of companies or blogs/websites are fascinated with search engine optimization or SEO these days. You, too, may have considered recruiting a team of experts or bringing an SEO company on board at some point in time to get on the search marketing bandwagon. But are you sure of exactly what SEO can do for you? In this in-depth post about the different advantages of SEO, we lay it out straight.

Though SEO needs time and effort, it's a gift that keeps giving. Here are a few of the greatest SEO advantages:


1. SEO Enhances the user experience on your site

What future users/customers are looking for is crucial to remember. And this is not a one-time exercise, as users' actions and expectations can alter over time. If they do not find what they want or fail to find it on your platform, they will leave your site sooner than desired and will not visit again. Google also continues to reinvent the manner in which search data defines and populates its SERPs and has now become an answer platform after understanding what its users want from it (the need to actually visit a site is fast-waning as you can find all the information you need on a SERP itself).


In order to determine whether they have had a good experience when visiting a website, Google constantly tracks user behaviour, including the time spent on a page or website, the bounce rate, etc. This is one of the most important Google rating factors for SEO and should not be ignored. Even if the users who find their way to your website are put in the top search results for a fleeting moment,

your search rankings are bound to suffer over time.

2. SEO Increases Awareness of Brand

The more important SERPs you appear at the top of, the more eyeballs you stand to catch, raising more awareness of your brand and your offering of goods or services. SEO allows you to create a continuous online buzz around your brand, which in turn helps to facilitate brand recall. You can build a definitive, standout brand voice with SEO, which will help you interact with the demographic of the customer you have in mind.


3. Brand reputation and trust are created by SEO

Being listed on Google among the top search results indicates that you are viewed by the search engine as an important, valuable and genuine source of information/content and you prefer other sites that are in the running. SEO helps develop your website's authority through different practices, such as getting backlinks from other reputable websites in your sector, optimizing on-page content, detecting crawl errors and broken links, enhancing the user experience of your website, etc.

Although it's one thing to lead a Google user to your site, getting them to stay or keep coming back is quite another. SEO aims to achieve all these objectives while still doing wonders for the reputation and durability of your brand. But this will not happen immediately, as is the case for most positive stuff, and will require continuous effort from you.

The no. 1 organic search result on a Google SERP receives 32% of clicks while the top three organic search results get 75% of all traffic. Various reliable studies have found that it is responsible for bringing in 53% of site traffic, making it one of the top benefits of SEO. 


4. SEO offers you incredible insights

SEO offers great insights into your clients, including the most productive times of the year, month, or day, the regions from which the most traffic originates, the language they use when looking for information online, etc. Google Analytics can tell you a lot about user browsing habits, their preferences, etc., while you can use the Google Keyword Planner to understand the keywords that are most important to your company or niche. This will help you not only prepare your SEO approach but also course-correct in case you see new user behavior patterns.


5. SEO helps you gain local clients.

Geo-specific searches and local business directories concentrate on local search. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is very important to have their position tailored to the place in which they work. It will help you attract local customers by having a properly optimized Google My Business profile and information graph panel, tailoring your website content to address local search queries, having more positive local user feedback on Google, etc. And if you play your local SEO cards correctly, in a particular pin code, city, or even state, you can target individuals.


6. High ROI and conversions helps with SEO

SEO accounts for a significant chunk of the traffic of a platform, which ensures that further conversions can occur. SEO paves the way for everything, if you want to get your website users to make a purchase, subscribe to your newsletter or post your content on their social media manager. Google Analytics will give you unprecedented insight into any small step you take and tell you what is working and what is not. SEO is highly quantifiable. Since SEO is cheaper than other methods of digital marketing and attracts the most footfall on the web, its investment return is also substantial.


7.SEO is a long-term strategy

This is one of SEO's most significant advantages-it can begin to display results anywhere from six to 12 months from the date of implementation and remain good for years to come. And that's one of the top reasons why you have to invest in a strong in-house SEO team or look at outsourcing the job.


8. Keeping up with updates to Google's Search Algorithm

Every year, Google publishes hundreds of modifications or changes to its search algorithm to stay ahead of malicious or black-hat SEO methods designed to take advantage of it and achieve better search rankings. This means that in order to hold on to your search rankings or continue to progress upward in SERPs, you must be up to date with all the latest trends in the field of SEO. Most SEO professionals know exactly how your site will be influenced by any Google search algorithm changes and can help you maintain your organic search advantage.

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