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Reasons Why Testing Is Vital for Your New Software

Software testing is the process of determining if the software or an application does what it is supposed to do. It is done to make sure that a new software is free of any bugs and errors. It is a key variable in ensuring that your software performs efficiently. Not investing sufficient time and resources to software testing can prove counter-productive. This way, the only time you will get to know if something is not working properly on the software is when a customer sends in a complaint or feedback. By that time, it is already too late and you can stand to lose a valuable customer. Having bugs can also lead to loss of data. There are many other reasons for getting your software tested. 

Helps build customer confidence

One of the key aspects of software testing is to make sure that it is user friendly. An average person should be easily able to navigate through your app or the software. Companies with years of experience in software testing, like Creation Infoways, know what works well with users and can tell you to remove and add things accordingly. 

Check for its adaptability

A good software is one which can be accessed by different devices with equal amount of ease. It should work just fine on different operating systems, browsers etc. It can lead to a bad user experience if the way it functions varies from one device to another. There is no point getting a custom application or a software that works just on a desktop as a lot of work, shopping and networking is done via smartphones. According to data provided by Google, it receives 60 percent of its hits from mobile devices. A good software will be compatible with Apple Mac, Windows PC, Android, iPhones and Windows phones alike. 

Check for any errors

One of the main reasons for getting your software is to check for any errors and bugs before you hand it over to the client. No matter how good a software developing team is, there will always be errors. Even a small glitch can lead to loss of customers or data, which can harm the reputation of the company. The best software testing company in Delhi will be able to spot even the hidden bugs and errors.

Save you money

Imagine a customer has taken out time to browse through your e-commerce website, added multiple things to the cart, but there is an error in feeding the address. This will not only lead to the loss of business at that particular time, but the customer will also be unsure of coming back again in future. People like using software and applications where they know their data is safe. There is also a misconception that software testing is an unnecessary expense and that testers find faults that do not even exist by feeding huge amount of data. But the fact of the matter is that your application should be capable of handling varying amounts of loads. Errors can only be spotted when sufficient data is fed.


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