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Magento Development Companies in UK

Magento is content management system (CMS) for e-commerce websites, which works on PHP programming, MySQL relational database management system and Zend Framework elements. Magento applies the entity attribute value model for data storage and use the convention of model view controller and object oriented programming. According to recent statics currently, 1.0% of all websites and 34% of top 20 most popular e-commerce websites are using the Magento as CMS. If you are planning to develop e-commerce website for your business than Creation Infoways Pvt Ltd (http://www.creationinfoways.com) is best Magento Development Company in UK.
Different Editions of Magento:

i.    Magento Community Edition:

It is an open-source content-management system, which allows the flexibility of modification in core system. Any developer can extend its functionality by adding new plug-in and they can also implement the core files. The main aim for the development of Community Edition was to develop and customized the basic e-commerce platform.

ii.    Magento Enterprise Edition:

Magento Enterprise Edition is the upgraded version of Magento Community Edition with same core files. It has some extra features and functions, and more than that its not free because its premium version. Most of the large business organizations prefer to use it because it is designed for technical support such as; installation, usage, troubleshooting and configuration. Magento Enterprise Edition offers you hosting space as well and you need to pay the annual maintenance fees for that.

iii.    Magento Go:

Magento Go provides the cloud-based e-Commerce solution and it also offers the web hosting in order to support the small and medium size businesses as it has no need for software installation.

Important Features of Magento:

It is web template system, which can generates the multiple mirrors looking pages and customize themes.

i.    Themes:

Magento provides the basic theme platform for the set-up of an ecommerce websites.  All the themes can be customized by adding or editing the HTML, CSS and PHP. According to requirement of functionality user can get the required theme without loss of content or layout of pages. On Magento themes can be installed by uploading theme folders through SSH or FTP.

ii.    Modules:

With the help of Magento plugins users can get the more built-in functionality, you can install the modules by uploading them and downloading them on their servers.

Advantages of Using Magento:

i.    Open Source System:

Magento is free platform for e-commerce websites, which use the programming languages and open source technologies. If you are new entrepreneurs or you have low budget than Magento community edition is worth for selection.

ii.    Easy to Use:

Magento provides the user friendly administrator area for all versions as it offer the intuitive navigation system and amazing management platform.

iii.    Community Support:

Magento has effective support from community, in case if you need any help or facing the trouble than you are free to take the help of expert developers. Community makes it easy to find the help or solutions related to Magento website.

iv.    Customization:

Magento provide you facility to customize the theme as per your requirement to shape it exactly the way you want. By help of editing or changing the codes you can add extra functionalities.  Selection of e-commerce solution for online business requires deep analysis for proper growth. If you are looking for best CMS for your e-commerce website than go with Magento, in market there are several Magento Development Companies in UK out of which Creation Infoways Pvt Ltd  is best as it offer the services in reasonable cost.


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