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Digital Marketing: 9 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business

The key aspect of any marketing strategy is to generate leads. Or in other words, get new business and client to the company. It also remains one of the toughest areas to crack as it involves human behaviour, and there are no strict rules that define how a person will react to a certain thing. The challenges faced to market a product have evolved as businesses have moved online. Digital marketing for e-commerce websites is one of the defining factors to determine the success of your enterprise. 

We have discussed below some of the best ways to promote your website

Optimize your website

Let us start with the basics. The only way a user can interact with your business online is via your website. So having a website that is easy to find and browse is utmost important. Optimizing your website means designing it in a way that makes it user friendly and it follows the guidelines of search engine pages like Google, Yahoo etc. You must ensure there are no broken links on the site, it is structured properly and things like loading speed etc. You can use various tools to keep a tab on the functioning of your website. 

Run A/B tests

Running A/B tests, also known as split testing, means having two different version of your webpage and seeing which version is performing better. You can track this by data analysis. Things like shortening the forms on webpages help create more traffic, which in turn helps in lead generation. There are companies for digital marketing for e-commerce like, www.creationinfoways.com, who can design the website and provide you with all the important data and analysis. 

Check your website on a regular basis

It is important to keep a tab on how your website is doing. If you do not visit your website routinely, you would have no idea if there are any broken links or how long is it taking to for pages to load. If you get to know about these things after complaints from the users, the chances are you will end up losing a lot of clients. It is advisable to go through your site at least once a week, not only to check for any issues, but also to improve and modify the interface whenever required. 

SEO is a must

It does not matter how good your website and product are if people are not able to find it online. SEO or search engine optimization is a technique to push up your page in rankings and showing it at the top of search engine results. The top three search results on Google get roughly 75% of the hits and hardly anyone goes beyond the first page. So, for your site to be able to generate business it is imperative that it attains higher ranking. You can also create lead magnets via SEO. Lead magnets are things like PDF or recorded videos that can be downloaded in exchange of email address. This helps you to start a conversation with a potential buyer who is yet not ready or convinced to buy your product. Digital marketing in India revolves around a strong SEO strategy.

Have a mobile friendly version of your site

According to data provided by Google, as many as 63% of all search results are generated by mobiles. That means if your site does not have a mobile version, you are missing out in nearly two-thirds of the business. Google also considers it essential for websites to have a version for mobile phones. You can either go through your site and target areas that not mobile friendly or get an entirely new website designed. 

Have the right keyword selection

To be able to target the customers it is important to know what they are searching for. To be able to understand what words to target you need a thorough keyword research. You can think and come up with words that people are likely to use. You can also study the keywords that working best for your competitors and use them to drive traffic to your website. The use of long-tail keywords generates more traffic. This means having keywords that have three or more words. For example, if have a mobile store, it is better to write “best android phone” or “phones under 20,000” instead of “android phone” or just “phone”.

You content needs to be personalised

Everything on your website, be it photos, videos or written content needs to be produced just for you. A general version of you’re a landing page will never be able to hold the users interest for a long time. The customer needs to feel that your website offers something that is not available anywhere else on the internet. If you copy paste stuff, it hinders in building the trust with your user as if they are not convinced by your site, they might not feel right to spend money on your product. 

Build an app that offer value

Building an app is one of the key ways to generate traffic. One of the ley reasons having an app is it helps in eliminating competition. If a person goes over the internet they will see then other sites and may get distracted. However, if a user has your company’s app they will just be checking your site for latest products and offers. But, having an app in itself is not enough. It needs to offer value to the user by adding unique services and products that are not offered by your competitors. 

Promote your brand on social media

Having a string social media presence is a must. It offers endless possibilities to interact with the customers. People following you can get to know about everything from new products to seasonal discounts offered to any charity campaign that you might run. You can also do things like polls and quizzes to keep the user involved.


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