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Benefits of Responsive Website Design in SEO

It doesn't matter whether you access the site URL with a desktop browser or a mobile browser as the responsive website design works completely well with both the browsers. Also, the responsive website not only lessens the dependence on resources for upkeep but also gives SEO benefits too and SEO benefits come at the top of the list. The five benefits of mobile responsive website design are as follows:-

Removes Duplicate Content:
The mobile site is a 'standalone' site and this is a major concern while creating a separate mobile site. We unknowingly create a duplicate content as each. version is considered as a separate entity in Google. According to Google, if a mobile version has the same content as on a master site then Panda stick won't hit that site as it means that you have a duplicate content on the web and there remains a risk of serving the wrong version.

Robust Link Building
For each page, a responsive site has a single URL while a mobile and desktop version has different URLs. Also, any link to the master site is also a link to the mobile site as an essence. At the same time, you can build a strong backlink profile on both desktops as well as on mobile search without compromising with the PageRank.

Cuts Off the Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is generally taken as a signal of user satisfaction with the results by Google. You bounce rate will automatically rise up if a user closes your site after a few seconds without going on any other page. This will automatically drop your rankings for those search key terms and ultimately lead to the less traffic. Moreover, a responsive design is always beneficial as it lessens the bounce rate as in this way people come to know that the site is being designed to give the best user experience.

Reduces Page Load Speed
Generally, the average loading speed of the mobile page is over 7 seconds but the speed preferable by Google is one second or less. A responsive website design reduces the loading time of the page as it does not require queries to redirect users to an another URL. However, it is normally not known that how the page load speed affects the Google rankings but Google is also focusing on the user experience as it is good for ranking.

Enhances Mobile Search Rankings
It is always recommended to switch to the responsive design as it will help you in getting a better rank in mobile search as long as you will continue to build backlinks to a master site and it will also give the visitors a better user experience on their preferred device either it is a desktop or a mobile. The responsive design is very useful is very useful for a continuous success along with the growth in search marketing.


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