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Advantages of Using Magento for E-commerce Website Development

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that allows the merchant a great amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing a shopping cart system, look and feel and content of the website. Open-source platform means anyone modify and share it because its design is publicly accessible. On top of flexibility, the platform is also robust and easily scalable. It offers a number of tools that make it easier to build and manage your e-commerce platform. Magento is considered a safe option for handline online payments. This platform is the preferred solution for all the leading e-commerce website designing companies. Here are some of the reasons why you should Magento for your e-commerce website. 

A powerful platform

Magento is a very powerful platform that is capable of handling large number of products and orders for your online store. It can manage hundreds of orders and products with utmost ease. Since the platform is built to handle large quantities, it also becomes very easy to scale up. It also offers features like inventory and product management so that you can manage your website without any difficulty. You can also put filters and set up navigation in a way that improves conversion rates and boosts the performance of the site.

It is SEO-friendly

Magento was designed keeping SEO in mind. That is why all the best Magento development companies in India prefer using this platform as it makes it very easy to optimize product pages and description. The platform also generates SEO friendly URLs. Magneto makes your website more responsive and makes it compatible for different devices and browsers. It is very important that your site can be easily accessed with mobile phones as according to Google, it receives roughly 60 percent of its hits from mobile devices. Using Magento to design your website also ensures good customer experience. 

Quick Loading

You are bound to lose customers if it takes too long for your website to load. If a person has to wait for long before a page gets loaded, chances are the user will get irritated and move on to a different site. Google stats show that a person leaves the site if it takes more than three seconds to load. You can avoid this happening to you by using Magento. Even if there is a load on your website, Magento ensures that the speed is not affected.


Feature rich and flexible management

The platform is full of features that allow you to customize your website as much as you want. You can choose everything from layout to fond to text size to anything else that you would like to change and make it user-friendly. It has many tools that allow you to edit your webpages without having any technical knowledge. You can add various plug ins that enhance the functionality of your online store. You can also modify the mode of payment, shipment and language to make your site more accessible to customers. 

Detailed and advanced reporting

To be able to maintain an online store, it is very important that you have all the latest reports like inventory, number of orders, highest selling product, number of registered users etc. This platform offers nearly 20 different types of reports through web interface so that you are constantly updated about what’s happening at your store. Data and metrics are very important to keep your online business one step ahead. Log on creationinfoways.com for all your website and software development needs.


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