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4 Newest eCommerce Website Design Trends

The world of e-commerce website design is changing every year. In order not to be left behind, you need to pay close attention to the website design trends. You can hire an e-commerce website development company to do the job for you, but you still must be aware of the changes. Otherwise, your business can seriously suffer. Here are the four newest trends in the e-commerce world.-

1. More Mobile Devices:
Designing a website to look good on mobile devices is not just a trend, it’s a must-have. However, the technological world is going further to hook up various gadgets to the mobile devices, such as TVs. Shopping using a large monitor is in style, so your website must have a responsive design suitable for all screens.

2. Long Scrolls
Loading new pages on your mobile devices can be a hassle especially when the connection is slow. The new trend is to introduce long scrolls. While the customer is checking out the first 10 products on the page, the device continues to load the rest of the products that can be checked out by simply scrolling down. Such approach also simplifies the website search.

3. Hamburger menus change sides
The general trend of the past years was to place the hamburger menus on the right side of the screen. However, when moved to the left side, they become more visible to the users. That’s why Google changed sides, and many websites followed suit.

4. Images not Text
It’s easier for a customer to process an image than read a text. That’s why e-commerce website development companies are starting to use more pictures. Even though there is a downside of slower loading, the benefits of quick perception seem to outweigh this disadvantage.


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