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Amazon Product Listing

Reckon On Creation Infoways For Sound Amazon Product Listing

Planning to sell your product online? Whether you are an individual or a business, sell your products on Hundreds and millions of people who have the ability to access online shopping can consider buying your product right here. This is a reason that makes Amazon product listing very important.

Amazon gives visibility to your merchandise in the eyes of the potential buyers and the countless shoppers who are looking forward to buying your product. However, they don't allow you to add anything and everything on the webpage! Hence, you need some expert service that helps with the problems you might face.

Our roles and responsibilities at Creation Infoways

Whatever be your choices, we are comfortable in uploading single products, or products in bulk and colossal quantity, all at once. We completely understand that every seller has unique needs and that one wrong step can have a direct impact on their overall sales. Thus, we make sure that services like product listing, image uploading with a better viewing experience and Amazon guidelines are properly met. We upload each of your product specific information like standard product ID, product tag, and description with proper detail.

Certain categories that can be listed on

Amazon has allowed few categories to be open, without any specific permission. No approval is required to sell these products. Whereas, few categories require approval. Here, they limits the access to sell in order to meet the standards of the product. Although there are hundreds of categories, few and prominent of them are mentioned below:

  • Electronics & Gadgets
  • Beauty
  • Education
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Home
  • Sports

With regard to Amazon Product Listing, the main services being offered are:

Our diligent online marketplace product listing team extract product information accurately from any type of sources i.e. product name, description, features, brand name, manufacturers' identity, etc. and then upload all the product data precisely on the marketplace of your choice. The best of all, you get to decide the amount of information you want to share or what information needs to be shared. With proven strategies,we optimize the maximum return on investments.


Product Description


Product Category Management




Product Image Editing

Choose us and soon you will realize why outsourcing us for your Amazon Product listing was the best decision ever. Come and discuss it with us.

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