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Our Story

Creation Infoways is an independent digital marketing agency with an audience-first, client-centric, and people-first approach. Founded and led by industry expert Satya Satapathy who wanted to develop a better way to partner and service clients. We built our agency with a best team, developing a modern agency model that brings together a culture of client service, forward-thinking & analytics with a supportive, collaborative team committed to growing brands and, ultimately, driving sales.

Our workforce are quite active and we are able to bring nuanced, fresh ideas to the table, industry-best understanding of all areas of social media and the relationships with the clients that matter to drive meaningful business results for your brand no matter where you are located.


Creation Infoways delivers tailored marketing, digital, data and technology solutions and professional, revenue-generating strategies. We as a team build marketing solutions for small to midsize companies and custom-based for every client. Taking care of our clients and our team fosters growth and improves the services we provide.


Creation Infoways will be a leading force in digital marketing lending, and services vertical. Our marketing expertise makes us a trusted resource for digital, brand, media, direct marketing, strategy and event marketing among clients looking to expand and evolve their marketing.

Our Expertise

  • 1. Communication

    Great communication skills are necessary especially for performing chief functions within the organization. For us, communication has a massive impact on launching campaigns, finding prospects, and boosting sales.

  • 2. Result Driven

    We are a results-driven digital marketing agency. We only put time, effort and resources into strategies that get the best results for our clients. We aim to deliver impressive returns for our clients. We keep the focus on the metrics that mean the most, like leads and revenue generated.

  • 3. Experience

    If you run a large business with a complex website, you need an enterprise marketing strategy that’s tailored to your organization’s unique needs. We are experienced enterprise marketing agency, and we can create a custom plan that drives website traffic, generates leads, and increases conversions.

  • 4. Strategy

    The web is our passion, and we are passionate about helping businesses reach their goals. So when you choose Creation Infoways as your digital marketing agency, you will never get a cookie-cutter strategy-you will get a custom plan that fits your company, needs, and your goals.

  • 5. Transparency

    The term transparency in digital advertising is important. We build trust with clients by always being open, honest and transparent, and clearly explain what’s achievable in terms of their campaign like number of impressions, exact number of visitors, and cost per conversions.

  • 6. Optimize

    To help your company stand out from the competition, we optimize it for your audience by using the techniques usually apply to client accounts, such as data analytics which involves finding, cleaning and optimizing it for purposes such as reports, data mining and machine learning.

Our Approach

Clients come to us with a service in mind that they think they need. However, often after reviewing their current business situation an alternative approach might be more appropriate. Creation Infoways is skilled in discovering client needs, tailoring bespoke solutions and then executing them.

  • Outsourced Full Stack Team

    We are a self-contained, autonomous team whose members collectively have all the skills needed to solve their clients problems.

  • Strategic Advisor

    We immerse ourselves in our client’s brand so that we understand their marketing objectives and strategies.

  • Extension To Your Team

    Our team work closely with clients, analyse relevant data and then create ethical solutions that are designed to increase brand visibility.

  • Lifelong Partnership

    We are proud of our client focused approach and we always strive to do our best. We value the client relationship more than the deal.

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